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Alternative method for

cooking healthy

As Summer is winding down and the temperature is beginning to change so does the desire to be grilling outside with that said I’m going to give you one very important reason to strap on those boots and face the cold this Fall and Winter…….. Your health!

Yes barbecuing is a very healthy way to prepare your meals I’ll discuss a few of those reasons below.


Fat drips through the grates for a

healthier and tasty meal.

When you’re cooking a steak, Chicken or burger in a pan the fat has no where to go so it is soaked right back into the meat.

Outdoor Kitchens Vancouver - Barbecuing Benefits - Genesis Kitchen

No need of using

butter and oil.

Grilling gives food its own unique and tasty flavour, there is no need to cook a steak or piece of chicken in butter or oil in order to add flavour. This greatly helps to reduce the number of calories and bad fats you are putting in your body.

The Benefits Of Barbecuing

Grilling vegetables helps hold on to

nutrients and vitamins.

Also if you’re grilling vegetables you’re generally not using vegetables from a can rather fresh produce that is in season which is of course much healthier.

Outdoor Kitchens Vancouver - Benefits of Barbecuing - Genesis Kitchen

So the bottom line is: don’t give up on the barbecuing just because you may have to face a little bit of snow or rain! Get out there and make grilling a year-round thing.

Get out there in your Outdoor Kitchens, even in Vancouver, and make grilling a year-round thing.