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Outdoor Kitchens are rapidly becoming one of the most popular luxuries to add to your home throughout the Okanagan, and for all the right reasons. Outdoor Kitchens create an excellent space for entertaining guests, spending time with family and friends while also adding value to your home. Outdoor kitchen styles and colour selections are currently as polished as previous indoor kitchen designs and trends.

Inside Out Kitchens is bringing refined outdoor kitchen renovations to Penticton. Penticton outdoor kitchen renovations have been on the rise, and our team is more than happy to help you achieve your dream space. Outdoor kitchen renovations are usually built around a grill and offer counter space, outdoor kitchen cabinets, and the option of adding other amenities, such as a sink connected to the outdoor water system, and a refrigerator.

The Okanagan Valley has some of the best weather in Canada. The summers are hot and sunny, and the winters are shorter and less harsh that most other Canadian cities. This makes Penticton an ideal area to look into doing an outdoor kitchen renovation. Penticton and the surrounding Okanagan valley are surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, which block arctic winds and weather patterns. Snow over 1cm is only seen approximately 35 days a year in the Penticton area. And the summer temperatures are even better than in places like Ontario because the humidity levels are lower. The climate patterns of Penticton make it an ideal environment to look into outdoor kitchen cabinets, and an outdoor kitchen renovation overall.

Inside Out is a vendor for two outdoor kitchen cabinet companies; Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens and NatureKast Weatherpoof Cabinetry. The shift in design for outdoor kitchen cabinets are no longer your common, flawed stainless steel doors with empty or no boxes.  Both Danver and NatureKast have collaborated with designers to produce product lines that have the style, aesthetic design and functional aspect of indoor kitchen cabinets. With Danver or NatureKast, we can establish an outdoor living space that can have the same performance as an indoor kitchen yet is visually appealing with flair. This provides you with the ability to present an outdoor space for entertaining and shape a gathering area for your family and friends.



Using the latest design software, designers at Inside Out Kitchens can lead you one step closer to envisinoing your dream outdoor kitchen. Out qualified designers use advanced technology solutions to help you visulize what your outdoor kitchen and living spacae can turn into.

With our professional and expert ability, we can provide you with different design options of cabinetry layouts, outdoor appliances, outdoor countertops, lighting , all things required to create a great outdoor kitchen space.

  • Our cabinets are made to fit any manufacturers’ outdoor appliance; barbeques (grills), smokers, side burners, sinks, bartending units and more
  • Each project is built to order, ensuring the style, design and colour are specific to your project
  • From 9” to 49”, the cabinets are available in 3” increments
  • Each cabinet is a standard 30” height with 4” leveling legs available (with up to 1.5” adjustment), along with a 27” standard depth (24” depth available)
  • Cabinets are delivered fully assembled and engineered for easy installation. Installation can be done by Genesis.

Inside Out Kitchens is known for quality, design and distinction for outdoor kitchens in Penticton. The cabinets we feature in our outdoor kitchen designs are manufactured from 304-grade or 316-grade stainless steel, with drawers that include full extension under-mount glides with self-close/soft-close technology, and doors that come with soft-close stainless steel hinges. This allows for the best functionality available. The cabinet lines we work with any manufacturer’s outdoor appliance, including grills, smokers, side burners, sinks, bartending units, refrigerators, and more. Our team takes a client-first approach, and our focus is to provide clients with the best solutions for their outdoor kitchen cabinets, and their outdoor kitchen space overall. We want to bring the most ideal plans, materials, and results to your outdoor kitchen renovations, in and around the Penticton area. We will work with you to add beauty and a degree of luxury to your outdoor space.

In addition to being a premium vendor for Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens and NatureKast Weatherproof Cabinetry, Inside Out Kitchens is also a vendor for Dekton Countertops, which are known to withstand the test of time and weather. Dekton Countertops are perfect for an outdoor kitchen renovation, and have the look of an indoor countertop but are built for the outdoor environment. These ultra-compact surfaces are designed specifically for outdoor use. They include important features, like being UV-resistant to avoid colour changes, having a high resistance to impacts and scratches, and are non-porous, therefore maintenance is low.

Working with you

To Find Your Colours

Inside Out offers a colour consultation with many design choices to consider with your outdoor kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring or any other items. Our designers will work with you to present ideas and assist you up to the finalization of design for your outdoor kitchen. This design can be completely complimentary or independent of your indoor kitchen design. Whether you are looking for a daring, sophisticated, conservative, traditional, or contemporary style and feel, Inside Out will help you to achieve the appearance and feel you desire.


Contractor & Landscape Architect

Inside Out can recommend one of our preferred contractors or landscape architects to help you with any construction and/or renovation that is required for your outdoor kitchen renovation.

Assisting in

Project Management

Inside Out will Collaborate closely with your contractor, landscape architect or one of our recommended resources to ensure the job runs smoothly and brings the outdoor kitchen design to life.

A built-in outdoor kitchen will add monetary value and enjoyment to your home. It adds another entertaining and gathering space on your property, and it adds beautiful aesthetic to the outside of your home. The clean, polished look of a built-in outdoor kitchen will not only add value to your home, but allow for more time outside and more outdoor cooking during warm seasons. Just like kitchens inside our homes can be the center of a party or a gathering, , the outdoor kitchen has really started to become that type of space as well. Today’s outdoor cooking areas are becoming full-on kitchens, with appliances and food prep spaces. Build your dream lifestyle today with Inside Out Kitchens.

Begin your dream lifestyle.