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Mixing cabinet

Styles & Colours

Gone are the days of matching everything perfectly. Have you ever thought about mixing gold brushed handles with a black faucet or lighting? What about mixing Stainless Steel appliances with Champagne Bronze pulls and knobs? Or even mixing white veneer kitchen cabinets with a wood butcher block countertop. These are options that we in the industry have seen on the rise over the last few years.

Many of our designers are not only mixing finishes for faucets, lighting, and hardware, but also mixing kitchen cabinet door colours, and styles. For example, we can design your lower base cabinets of your kitchen in an ocean blue shaker style cabinet, and pair with white upper cabinets. Pair with brushed nickel finishes for a complete and modern update.

Kitchen Cabinets - Genesis Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets - Mix & Match _ Genesis Kitchen

Or picture yourself falling in love with a set of gorgeous copper pendant lighting for over your kitchen island, but you also love the look of matte black hardware. Mix and match the modern and industrial styles!

Or maybe you love the straight and clean look of the modern style, but your partner or spouse is more on the traditional or organic side. What do you do? Marry the two styles in a mix and match fashion.